NSFAF 2021 Award Lists (Provisional List of Names)

The Namibia Students Financial assistance Fun (NSFAF) 2021 Provisional Award Lists We congratulate all successful applicants and encourage them to continue working with the Fund until finalization of their award. For those who for some reason are meeting our requirements and are not on the list – NSFAF is validating your application as per individual… Read More »

NSFAF Students Payment 2021

The Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund would like to formally inform all its beneficiaries of the recent payment progress made by NSFAF. Please be informed that these payments will commence as of the 7th November 2021.

Vocational Training Priority Fields – NSFAF

PART C: Vocational Training Field Sub-fields and Priority level course High Priority Science & Technology Computing 1. IT Security 2. Game Technology 3. Computer Maintenance 4. Computer aided design Engineering, Engineering and engineering 1. Mechanics, manufacturing and trades 2. Metal work, construction 3. Electricity, 4. Electronics, 5. Telecommunications, 6. Energy 7. Chemical engineering, 8. Vehicle maintenance,… Read More »


NSFAF Online Application Process

Kindly click on the link below and download NSFAF Online Application Process http://nsfaf.fund/documents/10180/0/online+reg+2019+up/7aed9479-30f8-41bd-9e92-0cb89f47943f


NSFAF Students Card: Issuing of the 2021 NSFAF Student Account Card

Collect your Student Account Cards with Bank Windhoek at these centres. INSTITUTIONS VENUE DATE TIME UNAM Windhoek Main Campus – Dining Foyer 5-23 Aug 08:30 – 15:30 NUST Windhoek NUST Campus – Foyer 5-30 Aug 08:30 – 15:30 The mandatory online application on the following link (https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NSFAFStudentSurvey) should be completed before collecting your card. What… Read More »


NSFAF/Bank Windhoek Visa Student Card Programme [Get Yours Now]

The Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) would like to announce that about 4700 students have received their NSFAF /BANK WINDHOEK VISA Student CARDS. All students, from all Institutions of Higher learning who are eligible for the payment card are invited to go to these venues for assistance or at any Bank Windhoek branches listed herein. It is mandatory… Read More »


NSFAF Notice to Students: Onboarding Notice

The Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) after careful analysis and consultation with student representative councils, the fund wishes to announce the following: Currently, the onboarding team are in Rundu ( Unam Campus) and Nkurenkuru( IUM Campus) until the 27th September 2021. All students in Rundu are encouraged to go to Unam Rundu Campus for assistance. Bank Windhoek will… Read More »

2021/2022 Hungarian Scholarship Applications for Namibians | NSFAF

The Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund is inviting Namibian applicants to apply for fully funded scholarships aimed for Master’s and PhD studies under the Hungarian Scholarship Programme for 2020/2021. 1. SCHOLARSHIPS ON OFFER1.1 Master’s Scholarships1.2 PhD Scholarships 2. THEMES ON OFFER2.1 Agricultural Science2.2 Engineering Science2.3 Computer Science and Information Technology2.4 Architectural Design 3. ELIGIBILITY CRITERIATo… Read More »


NSFAF Postgraduate Applications Open for 2022

2022 POSTGRADUATE APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN Due to funding limitations, NSFAF has prioritized funding towards postgraduate programs, only if the following considerations has been met: Applicants apply towards priority fields of studies which are available on www.nsfaf.na Applicants should not have received more than two awards from NSFAF Total combined debt to NSFAF may not exceed… Read More »

NSFAF 2021 Payment of Fees in Details (Payments in progress)

NSFAF wishes to inform its beneficiaries and the general public that it has commenced with the payments of tuition fees to various institutions of Higher Learning. A further payment of non-tuition shall commence on 15th May, 2020. A maximum amount of N$5,000 in line with individual beneficiary’s contract shall be paid to beneficiaries. The balance for non-tuition… Read More »