Abakrampa Sec/Tech

ABAKRAMPA SEC/TECH is a Senior Highand Technical School, located in Abakrampa in the Central Region in the Abura Asebu Kwamankesi District. Also Known as ABASS. Established 28th January, 1991

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Location: Abakrampa
Members: 2
Latest Activity: Jul 19, 2011

Name Of Head:Mr. A.B. Indome
Phone :0243580724
Facilities:Classrooms, Staff Room, Library, Electricity, Photocopiers, School Bus, Water
Postal Address :P. O. Box 29, Abakrampa
Email :abakrampashs@ymail.com
District :Abura Asebu Kwamankese District
Programs Offered :Home Economics, General Arts, Visual Arts, Business, General Agric
Assistance Needed :Classrooms, Visual Arts Studio, Science Lab, Computer Lab, Sick Bay, Dormitories, Home Science Lab, Staff Bungalows, Computers, Dinning Hall, Assembly Hall