Admission Requirements Into Ghana Institute of Languages 2024/2025

Admission requirements for Ghana Institute of Languages (GIL)

Our regular academic programmes are in two semesters of 16weeks. The first semester usually begins in September and ends in December whilst the second semester runs from February to June.

The School Of Languages (SOL)

This school has its headquarters in Accra and branches in Kumasi and Tamale. The following languages are taught at the Beginner, Intermediate, and Proficiency levels: Arabic, English, French, German, Russian, Portuguese and Spanish. The student spends four months at each level at the end of which a certificate is awarded.

Special intensive courses are offered throughout the year for individuals and organizations to satisfy various languages and professional needs.

We also offer intensive vacation classes from mid July to the end of August every year.

The school has a flexible time-table to suit students who may have other obligations elsewhere.

School of Bilingual Secretaryship (SOBS)

Admission to the school of SOBS is accessible to holders of:

a) Senior High School Certificate with credits in English, French, Mathematics and 2 other subjects, or

b) G.C.E “O” Level/West Africa School Certificate with credits in five (5) subjects including English, French and Mathematics and three(3) G.C.E ‘A’ level passes including English and French, Or

c) Baccalaureat série A

The duration of the course is three years.

Students of SOBS graduate with the Higher National in Bilingual Secretaryship after a three year intensive course. Products of the School get ready employment in Ghana and abroad since they are well armed as bilingual secretaries. The academic curriculum includes English Language, French Language, English Typing and Shorthand, French Typing and Shorthand, Computer Studies, Law, Accounting, Commercial French, Introduction To translation, Business Organization and economics.

School of Translators (SOT)

The SOT is located in the headquarters, Accra

Admission requirements here include:

a) Senior High School Certificate with ‘C / B3′ in French and English. Credit in Social Studies and a credit in three other subjects,


b) G.C.E “O” Level/West Arica School Certificate with credits in five (5)subjects including English, French and three G.C.E passes at the Advanced Level: French, Literature in English, and General Paper,


c) Baccalaureat série A4

Success in a competitive entrance examination,
d) University Degree in modern languages including French.
e) Mature students: applicants must be 27 years old and above

Students are required to spend one year abroad for language immersion. Anglophones go to the University of Benin while Francophones spend the year in the United Kingdom. or any approved Anglophone country

Students of the School of Translators graduate with a B.A Translation in English, French and a third language chosen from among Arabic, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

The duration of the course is four years for holders of SSSCE/ A’ Level, three years for Baccalauret holders or B.A Degree in languages without a third language, and two years for holders of B.A degree in languages with a third language

The above  are the minimum admission requirements for Admission requirements for Ghana Institute of Languages (GIL)

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