Agogo Presbyterian College of Education

Agogo Presbyterian Women’s College of Education (Basel Mission Women’s Training College) was founded in1931, by the Basel Mission. The first principal of the college was Miss Helena Schlatter.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to produce high caliber of disciplined, innovative, dedicated, competent, committed and selfless teachers to man the various levels of education in Ghana through the pursuance of a comprehensive and effective use of technology and development of leadership and implementation of educational policies.

Vision Statement

To be an institution of excellence among the best in the country by 2024 and beyond

Courses offered at Agogo Presbyterian Women’s College of Education

Admission Requirements at Agogo Presbyterian Women’s College of Education 2024/2025

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She worked with Rev. Buechner and Miss Gertrude Goetz in the pioneering days of the college. The college was established to train Ghanaian women teachers for the Girls Middle School which was opened in 1931. The women teachers were trained not only to become good teachers, but good parents and leaders in society. The students were subjected to proverbial ‘Presbyterian Discipline’ to ensure that high academic and moral standards were set and maintained. In 1942, during the World War II, the military took over the college which rendered the students being sent to Akropong Seminary to continue their course. They were brought back in 1943. In 1950, the Presbyterian Church took over the college, and renamed it Agogo Presbyterian Women’s Training College. The college offered the following programmes to produce the type of teachers the country needed for the basic school:

  •       Certificate‘A’ course
  •       Certificate ‘B’ course
  •       Post ‘B’ course
  •     Post-Secondary course
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In 2004, the three-year Diploma in Basic Education was introduced. Agogo Presbyterian Training College has been given accreditation to the tertiary level of education since September, 2007. 10 male students were admitted for the first time 1976, thus, making it a coeducational institution. The name of the college then changed to Agogo Presbyterian Training College. The enrollment of male students could not be sustained due to accommodation crisis.

The college contributed to education of women, thus, harnessing talents and potentials for national development. Graduates from the college have served in various capacities. Infrastructural facilities have been expanded and upgraded to some extent enhance access and participation of women in tertiary education.