Ho Technical University 2019/2020 Admission Requirements Ho Technical University 2019/2020 Admission Requirements; Below are all the entry requirements for Tertiary and non tertiary programmes of Ho Technical University TERTIARY PROGRAMMES TOP-UP BACHELOR OF TECHNOLOGY (B-Tech) PROGRAMMES Bachelor of Technology, Hospitality and Tourism Management (Regular and Weekend options) Bachelor of Technology, Automobile Engineering (Regular and Weekend) Bachelor of Technology, Agricultural Engineering […]

Wa Polytechnic

The Wa Polytechnic, which was the last of the ten regional polytechnics in Ghana, was officially established in September 1999. However, it was not until 2002 that the Interim Governing Council was appointed by Government to provide policy direction to the Polytechnic. The first batch of tertiary students was admitted in 2003 to pursue HND programmes in Agricultural Engineering and […]


The following are all the list of Courses and Programmes offered in Wa Polytechnic. Table of Contents WA POLY COURSES AND PROGRAMMES B.  HND Programmes in WA Polytechnic School of Applied Arts, Design, and General Studies School of Applied Science and Technology School of Business School of Engineering List of WA Polytechnic Departments WA POLY COURSES AND PROGRAMMES The official language […]


GENERAL ADMISSION REQUIREMENT OF WA POLYTECHNIC DIRECT ENTRY  SSSCE/WASSCE HOLDERS Passes in three core subjects (English Language, Mathematics, and Integrated Science or Social Studies) plus credit passes  in three (3) relevant elective subjects. For SSSCE Candidates: Passes (A—D) in six (6) subjects comprising three (3) core subjects, including English and Mathematics, and three (3) relevant elective subjects. For WASSCE Candidates: Passes (A1—D7) […]


Details of Wa Polytechnic Cut off points 2018 Details of Wa Polytechnic Cut off points 2018; Get all the necessary information on cut off points and admission requirements before you apply The University currently uses the standard cut off point of SSSCE aggregate 36 or better; WASSCE aggregate 24 or better; the ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels as well as the GBCE/ABCE qualifications […]

Bolgatanga Polytechnic

Bolgatanga Polytechnic operates from two (2) campuses. The Bukere Campus; where the Polytechnic started, is located in the heart of Bolgatanga. The Diploma in Business Studies (DBS), part-time and Bachelor of Technology programmes are run here; and the Sumbrungu Campus where the main administration is currently located, runs full-time programmes. Upon receipt of any application for admission, the relevant departments […]

CUT OFF POINTS at Bolgatanga Technical University

Bolgatanga Polytechnic Admission Cut-Off Points Bolgatanga Polytechnic Cut off points 2019. This cut-off point is difficult to get even from the school. According to Bolgatanga Polytechnic, cut off points are only used when a lot of people apply for a particular program. In effect, the school does no have any standard cut-off point for applicants. The admission requirements are rather […]

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS at Bolgatanga Technical University

Upon receipt of any application for admission, the relevant departments and committees assess the application and advice the Admission Board appropriately. The Admission Board will after reviewing the various assessments instruct the Department of Academic Affairs through the Registrar to roll out admissions to qualified students. Bolgatanga Polytechnic admission requirements Entry Requirement A. Tertiary Programmes i. GCE ‘A’ Level/GBCE/ABCE Applicants Five […]

LIST OF COURSES at Bolgatanga Polytechnic

Below is the list of courses offered in Bolgatanga Polytechnic. Programmes OfferedA. Bachelor of Technology in Accounting with Computing (In collaboration with Kumasi Polytechnic) for the 2015/2016 academic year. B. HND Programmes in Bolgatanga Polytechnic The official language of instruction at the Bolgatanga Polytechnic is English, and all the High National Diploma (HND) programmes are taught in English.Applied Science and […]

Tamale Polytechnic

The School was elevated to the statutes of   a Polytechnic in August 23, 1992. As a result of the Educational Reform Programme and the enactment of the PNDC Law 321 in 1992, Tamale Technical University was elevated to tertiary status together with Accra, Kumasi, Ho, Cape Coast and Takoradi Polytechnics. The Polytechnic now trains students up to the Higher National […]