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UDS Access Course fees

ADMISSION OF CANDIDATES TO BSC NURSING AND MIDWIFERY DEGREE PROGRAMMES-2021/2020 ACADEMIC YEAR The information provided below applies to only undergraduate applicants. For postgraduate admissions, click here.Application forms for admission to first BSc Nursing and BSc Midwifery in the University for Development Studies (UDS) will be available online at from Monday, January14, 2021 for holders of the following qualifications; […]

How much does UDS forms cost?

The cost of applying to pursue an undergraduate degree at the University for Development Studies has shot up. Prospective Ghanaian undergraduate applicants who wish to be considered for admission into the school for the 2021/2022 academic year must pay GHC 200.00 before they can access the university’s admission forms. Last year, the cost was pegged at GHC 180.00, […]

University for Development Studies fees

LOCAL FEE PAYING STUDENTS’ FEE BY LEVEL AND BY PROGRAMME FOR 2021/2022 ACADEMIC YEAR Campus Faculty Programme Level 100/PBL 1 Level 200/PBL 2 Level 300/PBL 3 Level 400/PBL 4 PBL 5 PBL6 GHC GHC GHC GHC GHC GHC Navrongo Applied Sciences Applied Sciences 3,750.00 3,750.00 3,750.00 3,750.00     Environmental Science 3,750.00 3,750.00 3,750.00 3,750.00     B. Ed […]

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