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    Central University College MBA fees

    By | September 23, 2020
    Central University College Fees

    Below Is the Official Central University College Fees structure schedule to be paid by each student respectively for the 2021/2022 academic session.

    The following policies and procedures are applicable to all students who officially register for programmes at Central University College. The Institute reserves the right to change fees without prior notice to the student. However, fee changes are subject to approval by the Governing Council.

    Here is the Regular Students fees regime of the Central University College for 2021/2022.


    The Central University College fees schedule has been successfully uploaded online, the schedule is available as follows:–


    School of Theology & Missions
    ProgrammeSchool FeesSRC FeesHall DuesTOTAL
    Levels 200 – 400GHC 1,510GHC 35GHC 5GHC 1,550
    Freshers (L100 – 400)GHC 1,710GHC 35GHC 5GHC 1,750
    Central Business School
    ProgrammeSchool FeesSRC FeesHall DuesTOTAL
    Management StudiesGHC 2,170GHC 35 5GHC  2,210
    Human Resources ManagementGHC 2,170GHC 35 5GHC  2,210
    MarketingGHC 2,170GHC 35 5GHC  2,210
    Agribusiness ManagementGHC 2,170GHC 35 5GHC  2,210
    Banking & FinanceGHC 2,170GHC 35 5GHC  2,210
    AccountingGHC 2,170GHC 35 5GHC  2,210
    Freshers (L100 – 400)GHC 2,370GHC 35 5GHC 2,410
    Faculty of Arts & Sciences
    ProgrammeSchool FeesSRC FeesHall DuesTOTAL
    EconomicsGHC 2,120GHC 35 5GHC  2,160
    EnglishGHC 2,120GHC 35 5GHC  2,160
    FrenchGHC 2,120GHC 35 5GHC  2,160
    Media & Mass CommunicationGHC 2,120GHC 35 5GHC  2,160
    Environment & Development StudiesGHC 2,120GHC 35 5GHC  2,160
    Freshers (L100 – 400)GHC 2,320GHC 35 5GHC  2,360
                                                              School of Applied Sciences
    ProgrammeSchool FeesSRC FeesHall DuesTOTALSchool Fees (Freshers)SRC Fees (Freshers)Hall Dues (Freshers)TOTAL (Freshers)
    Nursing (Generics)GHC 2,930GHC 35 5GHC  2,970GHC 3,130GHC 35 5GHC 3,170
    Nursing (SRN-Professional)GHC 1,930GHC 35 5GHC  1,970GHC 2,130GHC 35 5GHC 2,170
    PharmacyGHC 3,370GHC 35 5GHC  3,410GHC 3,570GHC 35 5GHC 3,610
    ArchitectureGHC 3,060GHC 35 5GHC  3,100GHC 3,260GHC 35 5GHC 3,300
    Physician AssistantshipGHC 3,710GHC 35 5GHC  3,750GHC 3,910GHC 35 5GHC 3,950
    Civil EngineeringGHC 3,060GHC 35 5GHC  3,100GHC 3,260GHC 35 5GHC 3,300
    MBA Programmes
    ProgrammeSchool FeesSRC FeesTOTAL
    MBA (Evening and Weekend)GHC 15,800 n/aGHC 15,800
    MBA (Alumnus)GHC 14,220 n/aGHC 14,220
    MA/MPhil Programmes
    ProgrammeSchool FeesSRC FeesTOTAL
    MA TheologyGHC 7,460 n/aGHC 7,460
    MA Theology (Alumnus)GHC 6,400 n/aGHC 6,400
    Mphil (Theology)GHC 14,900 n/aGHC 14,900
    Mphil (Theology/Alumnus)GHC 13,414 n/aGHC 13,414
    MSc. (Mkt.,Social & Org. Res. )GHC 11,200 n/aGHC 11,200
    Executive Masters in Leadership & GovernanceGHC 15,800 n/aGHC 15,800
    Faculty of Law
    ProgrammeSchool FeesSRC FeesHall DuesTOTAL
    Bachelor of LawsGHC 4,095GHC 35 5GHC 4,135
    Freshers (L100 – 400)GHC 4,295GHC 35 5GHC 4,335

    Notes/ Other Charges for Ghanaian Students:

    • Field Trip – Agribusiness (L 200 & 300) = GHC 320 per semester
    • Field Trips = Environment & Development Studies = GHC 320 per semester
    • All Generic nursing students pay other charges of GHC 450 per semester
    • All professional nurses in L 400 (only) pay other charges of GHC 450 per semester
    • Charge for Field trips/ Lab Practicals/Clerkship/Others = GHC 450 per semester

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