Christian Service University College

Christian Service University College

The College began as a merger of two visions in January 1974. A group of Ghanaian Christians had a vision of an interdenominational, evangelical institution of a high academic standard, which would train men and women for all types of Christian Ministry.

The second group comprised expatriate missionaries who had a vision of an institution to train workers from the well-established church in southern Ghana for a thrust into northern Ghana and neighbouring countries where the church was relatively very small. Evangelical Christianity in Ghana in the late 1960’s and 1970’s was characterized, among other things, by intimate interaction and collaboration and blurring of denominational, mission and group distinctions. The Worldwide Evangelization for Christ (WEC), which was one of the missionary groups in the second group of missionaries, had acquired property in Kumasi on which they had built four dwelling houses and a radio studio with plans to construct a large building to serve as the beginning of a training college. Soon the two visions merged.

In October 1974, the first residential classes started with four students and the College grew from strength to strength and has now become an Evangelical Christian University College.

Christian Service University College aims:

To be a first-class Evangelical Christian University that promotes knowledge about Christ through the training of men and women with moral uprightness, academic excellence and passion to serve and transform society.

First Class: The University College aims to provide first class training, excellent facilities and generally good outlook – surroundings; that is, first in everything.

Evangelical Christian University: By this we mean the University College heralds the good news of Jesus Christ and believes in the historic doctrines of the Christian faith.

Moral Uprightness: Conduct based on Christian morality and lifestyle which shows consistent regard to the Word of God and the rule of law.

Academic Excellence: Professionally and academically competent and able to apply knowledge to solving or handling contemporary issues affecting church and society.

Passion to Serve: Serving with great zeal and enthusiasm.

List of Programs

There is a broad range of programmes offered at Christian Service University College as shown in the list below:

Certificate in Biblical Studies (two years, part-time)
Certificate in Institutional Planning and Management
Bachelor of Arts in Theology
Bachelor in Communication Studies
Bachelor of Business Administration – Marketing
Bachelor of Business Administration –
Human Resource Management
Bachelor of Business Administration –
Purchase & Supply Chain Management
Bachelor of Science in Information Communication Technology
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Bachelor of Arts in Community Development
Master of Science in Monitoring and Evaluation
Master of Arts in Christian Ministry with Management
Master of Science in Accounting and Finance

CSUC programmes for weekend studies The following are Christian Service University College programs for students wishing to study part-time during the weekend:

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Bachelor of Communication Studies for Public Relations option
Bachelor of Business Administration – Banking and Finance
Bachelor of Business Administration – Marketing
Bachelor of Business Administration – Human Resource
Bachelor of Business Administration – Accounting
Bachelor of Business Administration – Purchasing & Supply Chain Management

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