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    CUT OFF POINTS AT Kumasi Nurses’ Training College 2021/2022 Academic year

    By | May 18, 2021

    2.1.1 Auxiliary Programmes

        Community Health Nursing (CHN)
        Health Assistant Clinical (HAC)

    Table 5: Requirements for Auxiliary Programmes
        WASSCE     SSSCE

    Age     18 – 35 years

    Overall Aggregate     A cutoff aggregate score of Forty Eight     A cutoff aggregate score of Thirty
        (48) or better in six subjects, comprising     (30) or better in six subjects,
        3 core and 3 elective     comprising  3 core and 3 elective

    Core Subjects and Minimum     AT LEAST credits(A1-E8) in three core     AT LEAST Passes (A-E) in three core
    Grades     subjects     subjects
        i.e. English, Mathematics and     i.e English, Mathematics and
        Integrated Science.     Integrated Science.

    Elective Subjects and Minimum     AT LEAST passes (A1-E8) in three     AT LEAST passes (A-E) in three
    Grades     Elective subjects     Elective subjects

    2.1.2 Diploma Programmes

    Diploma Nursing programmes offered in Health Training Institutions are as follows:

        Registered General Nursing
        Registered Mental Nursing
        Registered Midwifery (Females only)
        Registered Community Health Nursing

    Table 6: Requirements for Basic Nursing Programmes

            WASSCE         SSCE    
        Age     18 – 35 years    
        Overall Aggregate     An aggregate score of thirty (30) or better         An aggregate score of Twenty Four    

            in six subjects, comprising  3 core and 3         (24) or better in six subjects,    
            elective         comprising  3 core and 3 elective    
        Core Subjects and Minimum     Credits (A1 – C6) in three Core Subjects i.e.         Credits (A– D) in three Core Subjects    
        Grades     English, Mathematics and Integrated         i.e. English, Mathematics and    
            Science.         Integrated Science.    
        Elective Subjects and Minimum     Credits (A1 – C6) in three Elective Subjects.         Credits (A – D) in three Electives    
        Grades             Subjects.    

    2.1.3 Post Basic Programmes (BSc)

    Requirements for qualification to post basic nursing and midwifery programmes vary according to the programme of study.

    Programme specific requirements are given in Table 7 below.

    Age: Not more than 50 years, Subject to medical fitness

    Table 7: Programme Specific Requirements for Post Basic programmes

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