Gambaga Girls SHS Abolishes Double Track System

By | March 8, 2022

The Gambaga Girls Senior High School (SHS) in the East Mumprusi Municipality of the North East Region has reverted from the ‘Double Track System’ to Single Track owing to massive infrastructural development in the school.

The ‘Double Track System,’ under the Free SHS policy was in two sessions; the Green and Gold Tracks, introduced by government to enable more Ghanaian students gain access to SHS education across the country.

Madam Aisha Asumah, the Headmistress of Gambaga Girls SHS, who disclosed this to Journalists in an interview on the school’s campus, said the emergency school project was introduced by government to end the ‘Double Track System’ under the Free SHS programme.

The project is meant to provide some selected Secondary Schools with infrastructure to accommodate the increased number of students being admitted under the Free Education policy.

Showing Journalists around the school projects, the Headmistress indicated that “Currently we have a 12-Unit classroom block under construction. We also have a six-unit classroom block that has been completed and handed over.”
She said the school with a population of 1199 students, benefited from a 300 capacity dormitory block which was at roofing level and a six-seater toilet facility.

Madam Asumah thanked government for the introduction of the Free SHS policy, and said: “In fact if not for this programme, most of our girls will not have had secondary education.”

“Our major challenge now is furniture, but we got information from our Director that furniture will be supplied soon, so we are waiting,” she said.

Madam Asumah said lack of staff accommodation on campus affected effective monitoring and supervision because most of the teachers were resident outside the school and commuted daily to campus.

She appealed to government, Non-Governmental Organisations and philanthropists among others to assist the school with staff accommodation to enable teachers to effectively monitor the students especially at night.