GES releases new procedures for Inter-Regional transfer of Staff

The Ghana Education Service under the directorship of Professor Kwasi Opoku-Amankwa, the Director-General has released a new procedures for Inter Regional Transfer of GES staff.

The steps outline by the Ghana Education Service for Inter Regional Transfer include;

  1. Secure Assurance: This means that, any teacher seeking for an inter regional transfer must first of all get an assurance from the new region he or she desires to be transfered to. For instance, Kofi who is teacher at Akatsi R/C basic school in the Volta Region wants to be transfered to Eastern Region must first secure a place at a school in the new region before applying for release.
  2. With your assurance letter, apply for reposting at District Education Office.
  3. District may then issue approval for reposting as cover letter, which will be forwarded to Region for approval, then full set of documents sent to the Director-General in Accra.
  4. The Director-General’s approval letter will be issued and sent to the Region.
  5. Region will then issue according to the Ghana Education Service, a teacher seeking re-posting can only be released by Region and District after the Director-General has approved the application.

In addition, GES noted clearly that, no aspect of the process of the application for re-posting, issuing of assurance letters, approval of the applications as well as issue of final release and posting letters require payment of any fees.

Anyone who may be found collecting money for any of the stages may be held accountable by the service.

According to the Ghana Education Service, this current procedures supersedes the earlier directives