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By | December 31, 2023
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In 1956, Dr. William A. Poe, a missionary from the Southern Baptist Convention in the USA, started giving Pastoral training to five young men in his garage at Amakom. In 1958, the Baptist Church started a Secondary School at Asokore Mampong and merged it with the pastors’ training school under the name Sadler Baptist College.

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In 1961, the pastors’ training school was separated from the secondary school and was moved to Abuakwa, where it became a full-fledged theological seminary. The name of the school went through several changes until it was finally decided that it should be called the Ghana Baptist Theological Seminary. After fifty years of theological education (1956 – 2006), the Ghana Baptist Convention resolved to establish a University College. The University College was launched and inaugurated on Saturday, 25th November, 2006 under the headship of Rev. Professor Samuel Nyarko Boapeah and was christened the Ghana Baptist University College.

Since its establishment as a University College, four schools have been created; namely: the School of Theology and Ministry (i.e. the former Ghana Baptist Theological Seminary) and the School of Nursing at Abuakwa, the School of Business Administration, and the School of Art and Social Sciences Education at the Amakom Campus.