Ghana Communication Technology University fees

By | September 27, 2023
GTUC Tuition Fees

Fresh Students

BSc Telecommunications EngineeringGH¢2,125.00US$2,260.00
BSc Computer EngineeringGH¢2,125.00US$2,260.00
BSc Information TechnologyGH¢2,125.00US$2,260.00
Bachelor of Business AdministrationGH¢1,500.00US$1,260.00
Diploma in Telecommunications EngineeringGH¢2,125.00US$2,260.00
Diploma in Information TechnologyGH¢2,125.00US$2,260.00

Continuing Students – Bachelors (Level 100 Second Semester to Level 400)

   GHANAIANS                  Non-Ghanaians
BSc Telecommunications Engineeringo.ooooGH¢1,927.00                   US$2,014.00
BSc Computer EngineeringGH¢1,927.00                   US$2,014.00
BSc Information TechnologyGH¢1,927.00                   US$ 2,014.00
Bachelor of Business AdministrationGH¢1,327.00                   US$1,094.00

Continuing Students – Diploma (Level Semester 100 Second to Level 200)

Diploma in Telecommunications EngineeringGH¢1,927.00                 US$2,014.00
Diploma in Information TechnologyGH¢1,927.00                 US$2,014.00


Fresh students are required to pay full semester fees before or during registration. Payment must be made with a bankers draft at the Accounts Receivable unit of the Finance Office. This will facilitate smooth registration. Continuing students are required to pay at least 60% of their fees on or before the day of registration. Failure to pay the required 60% percent by the end of second week after the beginning of the semester in question will attract a penalty of GH¢200.00.

Above is the Fees for Ghana Technology University College.