Ho Polytechnic courses

By | September 9, 2020

Below are the list of courses offered in Ho Polytechnic

HND-SEC HND Secretaryship and Management
HND-PS HND Purchasing and Supply
HND-OG HND Oil and Gaz
HND-MEC HND Mechanical Engineering
HND-STAT HND Mathematics and Statistics
HND-MKT HND Marketing
HND-IA HND Industrial Arts
HND-HCM HND Hospitality and Tourism Management
HND-FS HND Fashion and Design
HND-BT HND Building and Technology
HND-BF HND Banking and Finance
HND-AT HND Automobile and Production
HND-AGRO HND Agro Enterprise Development
HND-AGE HND Agricultural Engineering
HND-ACT HND Accountancy

ID Course Name Duration Start Date
BTECH-HCM B.Tech, Hospitality and Tourism Management
BTECH-AE B.Tech, Automobile Engineering
BTECH-AGRIC B.Tech, Agricultural Engineering

Masters in Automobile Engineering
Masters in Agric Engineering

MVT Motor Vehicle Technician (MVT) Part I & II
HDSM Higher Diploma in Sales and Marketing
EEETECH Electrical Engineering Technician (EET) Parts I, II, & III
DPSM Diploma in Sales and Marketing
DBS-STAT DBS (Statistics option)
DBS-SEC DBS (Secretarial Option)
DBS-MKT DBS (Marketing Option)
DBS-MGT DBS (Management option)
DBS-ACT DBS (Accounting option)
COK Cookery 812/1 & 812/2
CTCI Construction Technician Certificate (CTC) Part I & II
MVT Agriculture Engineering Technician (AET) part I & II
AD-FSH Advanced Fashion
AD-MKT Advanced Diploma in Marketing Management

PDSM Professional Diploma in Sales and Marketing Management

Above are the list of courses offered in Ho Polytechnic.

check the entry recuirement here

The University announces for the information of prospective applicants and the general public that sale of admission e-vouchers for 2021/2021 academic year is open for the following programmes:

  2. Bachelor of Technology, Hospitality and Tourism Management (Weekend)
  3. Bachelor of Technology, Automobile Engineering (Weekend)
  4. Bachelor of Technology, Agricultural Engineering (Weekend)


  1. HND in related field or fields of study with a minimum of Second Class (Lower Division)
  2. Any other equivalent qualification
  3. Applicants must have at least 1 year relevant industrial experience
  2. HND Agricultural Engineering
  3. HND Mechanical Engineering (Automotive and Production options)
  4. HND Building Technology
  5. HND Civil Engineering
  6. HND Electrical/Electronic Engineering (Regular and Weekend)
  7. HND Hotel, Catering and Institutional Management (Regular and Weekend)
  8. HND Food Technology
  9. HND Statistics
  10. HND Agro-Enterprise Development
  11. HND Computer Science
  12. HND Information Communication Technology (Regular and Weekend)
  13. HND Accountancy (Regular and Weekend)
  14. HND Marketing (Regular and Weekend)
  15. HND Secretaryship and Management Studies (Regular and Weekend)
  16. HND Banking and Finance (Regular and Weekend)
  17. HND Purchasing and Supply (Regular and Weekend)
  18. HND Industrial Art (options: Graphic Design, Ceramics, Painting, Textiles, and Sculpture)
  19. HND Fashion Design and Textiles (Regular and Weekends)
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