Hot Jobs: Law Enforcement Specialist Needed Urgently

International Justice Mission (IJM)  is urgently searching for a Law Enforcement Specialist to work with their company. All interested applicants should apply using the details below.

CLOSING DATE: 26 September, 2024


• Conduct collaborative and independent surveillance to locate victims and suspects in human trafficking cases on Volta Lake;

• Establish and maintain a network of operatives and informants who can provide accurate, timely, and actionable information about cases of forced labor trafficking on the lake.

• Assist the investigation team in developing a strategy for human trafficking investigations.

• Produce detailed investigative reports on a daily basis;

• Contribute to the planning of rescue and arrest operations;

• Receive training on international best practices in criminal investigation.

• Assist IJM in developing mutually beneficial relationships with Ghana Police officials and non-governmental actors.

• Assist in the implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of strategies and best practices for effective IJM-assisted investigations and interventions on behalf of victims;

• Serve as a witness in criminal court if necessary;

• Comply with all IJM, government, and donor requirements;

• Work with the IJM legal team to ensure successful prosecutions in court; and

Qualification Required & Experience

• Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university preferred but not required;
• Minimum 5 years employment with the Ghana Police Service or similar law enforcement entity;
• Fluency and professionalism in oral and written communication in English as well as Ga Dangme or Ewe;
• Computer literate and proficient in Microsoft Office applications preferred but not required; and
• No criminal record

Critical Qualities

• Mature orthodox Christian faith as defined by the Apostles’ Creed;
• Willingness to work under potentially hazardous conditions;
• Meticulous attention to detail;
• Disciplined with priorities;
• Patient and able to work well under stress;
• Excellent interpersonal skills, personable, with a heart for service and sustained positive attitude;
• Punctual; manages time and resources effectively;
• Diplomatic, flexible, and mature in judgment;
• Effective team player and leader; and
• Evident passion to help people suffering injustice and oppression.

Location: Accra


Send Cover Letter, Resume, & Statement of Faith By E-mail to:

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