How many years does it take to study nursing in Ghana

By | September 23, 2023

Certificate programs typically last 2 years. It takes 3 years to complete a diploma program in nursing or midwifery in Ghana. Bachelor degree applicants should prepare to clock in about 4 years.

What are the requirements for nursing training in Ghana?

This University of Ghana requirements for nursing degree program is representative of the general requirements for the degree program in the country. 

All the degree-granting universities and colleges use this same basic standard.  

You may want to check individual schools for further details; and also to seek further information about the typical profiles of successful applicants. Generally, you will need to secure the grades listed below in at least 3 core (including core maths and English) and 3 elective subjects.

  • Degree programs A1 to C6 for WASSCE; A to D for SSCE
  • Diploma programs A1 to C6 for WASSCE; A to D for SSCE
  • Certificate programs A1 to E8 for WASSCE; A to E for SSCE

Mature Students wanting to study nursing in Ghana

Some schools offer the opportunity for mature students who want to earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing. As a general guide on requirements, an applicant is expected to be at least 25 years old at the time of application. In addition, you must also pass an entrance exam and attend an interview. A minimum of three years relevant working experience is also expected.

How can I become a midwife in Ghana?

  • Bachelors degree in midwifery – same entry requirements for nursing.
  • Diploma – same entry requirements for nursing.
  • Most schools offering nursing programs also offer midwifery programs.

Certification for nursing practice in Ghana

After successful graduation from nursing or midwifery school, you will need to pass a certification exam by the Nurses and Midwifery Council of Ghana (NMC), before you can practice as a nurse or midwife in Ghana. This step enables you to acquire a unique nursing PIN.

Did you know:

You cannot be employed as a nurse in Ghana without the nursing PIN!

The NMC is the regulator of the nursing and midwifery professions in Ghana. The certification status of all nurses and midwives can be verified at their offices.

Nursing training form

Ready to apply?

Then you can start your application for nursing training by filling the Ministry of Health nursing training application forms online; you can go to the Ministry of Health website to do this.


There are many different types of nursing programs available in Ghana; with different entry requirements. You can also upgrade from one category to the other.

It is important to verify from the list of accredited nursing schools in Ghana before beginning your application.

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