I was flogged for sleeping with a Sudanese instead of a Ghanaian – Lady in viral video speaks

By | August 1, 2023
Diamond receiving the lashes from her abusers

The Ghanaian lady seen in a viral video being flogged by some men has revealed that the reason behind her being subjected to 100 lashes by her countrymen in faraway Saudi Arabia was because she had an affair with a Sudanese man instead of a Ghanaian.

In a phone call with musician and activist Kwame A-plus during a Facebook live session, the lady identified as Diamond said the main reason, why she was punished by her fellow Ghanaians was because she was allegedly caught fornicating with a foreigner.

According to her, the incident has landed her in a deportation centre as she is being prepared to be kicked out of the Gulf country.

She added that the majority of foreign women in Saudi Arabia without proper documentation are mostly subjected to sexual abuse often by men of their nationality.

She alleged that one of her punishers in the video had tried to have an affair with her which she rejected.

Narrating the incident to A-Plus, Diamond said she is sure her roommate snitched on her to her abusers about her relationship with her Sudanese boyfriend, as she suspects her to be the one who opened the door for them to enter the room while she was sleeping.

Although laws in Saudi Arabia prohibit fornication and prostitution, flogging as a form of punishment for the violation has since been abolished in the country.

Persons found culpable of such offence face a jail term or deportation in the case of foreigners.

Diamond wondering why her countrymen will treat her in such manner, said the law as it is, is barely enforced and that it is only enforced in instances where one is caught by the authorities in the country.

In the related videos, the abusers of Diamond in one of the videos are seen entering a room where the lady is lying on a bed with a man supposed to be her Sudanese boyfriend.

Subsequently, they subject the two to some beatings while commanding the lady to come with them.

In a second video where Diamond is subjected to the lashes, she is heard pleading with the men to take it easy on her as she laments the pain of the abuse being meted on her.

The viral video which has since been seen by many has drawn criticism from several quarters including A-Plus who has described the act as that of cowardice.

Listen to Diamond talk to A-Pus in the video below