Is D7 accepted in University of Ghana?

Does Legon accept D7 or Is D7 accepted in the University of Ghana, Legon? Well this is the question on the mind of many prospective legon applicants.

Does Legon Accept D7 ? The Answer is No! Legon Does not accept D7 from degree applicants.

We have for several years now been deluding ourselves into thinking that below C6, that is those who get D7, E8 and so on, are not qualified to enter university. Prof Yankah said that although there are only a few state-owned universities in Ghana, they control about 80 percent of student enrollment.

The Ministry of Education has begun consultations with the National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE) to spell out implications of a new policy for admissions to universities and other tertiary institutions that introduces some flexibility in the consideration of non-credit passes.