Ium E-learning

E-Learning and E-Libraries are fast becoming the norm at Universities, since they combine technology and information resources to allow remote access to educational content, thus breaking down the physical barriers towards accessing quality education.

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IUM being a young and vibrant university has taken a strategic and deliberate decision to broaden its horizon by incorporating digital learning and research concept to its portfolio.

Today in partnership with the Information and Telecommunication Technology University Foundation of USA (ICT-U-Foundation), IUM launched the E–Learning Platform as well as the E-Library.

The E-Learning platform will provide an opportunity for IUM students to interact online and real time with their lecturers from anywhere in the world 24 hours, and 7 days a week.

The E-Library in turn will give students and lecturers, access to approximately one million books, journals, periodicals and other educational material, downloadable from any IUM Campus by using any computer or handheld device such as a mobile smartphone or a tablet.

IUM is on the move.