KNUST: Procedure For Second Semester Registration

By | February 28, 2021

Pre – Registration Steps

1. Pay Fees at Bank.
2. Proceed to your Faculty Accounts Office to pay Fees with the receipt at the Faculty Accounts Office. Whilst waiting to be served at the Accounts Office, your Biometric Data will be taken.
3. Your Login ID and Password to log into the registration system and other web application systems will be given to you at the Accounts Office.
4. Remember to pay your Student Association Dues.

NB: Freshmen are to take along their admission letters and any relevant documents while Continuing students are to take along their Student ID Cards.

5. Go Online to Register at any Faculty/ Departmental Computer Laboratory or the ICT Centre (1st Floor of the Main Library) or any Internet Cafe (

Online Registration Steps

1. Log into the system with your Login ID and Password.
2. Your Trail courses and Compulsory Courses for the Semester will be automatically selected for you by the System.
3. Select your Department electives if any. You may select any Vice-Chancellor’s Course to register if you so desire.
4. Click on the (Register, Print your Slip) button to print your Registration.
5. When done, click on the Logout button to Logout.

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