Koforidua Polytechnic

Koforidua Technical University was established in the year 1997.  The University , was founded with the vision of producing high-level, career-focused and skilled manpower to support the country’s industrial growth, has since 1999 turned out graduates with Higher National Diploma (HND) in Accountancy, Marketing, Purchasing and Supply Statistics and Computer Science.

The University currently has five faculties and one Institute namely, the Faculty of Business and Management Studies, Faculty of Applied Science, Faculty  of Health and Allied Sciences and Technology, Faculty of Built and Natural Environment, Faculty of Engineering and the Institute of Open and Distance Learning (IODL). The University has increased its academic programme offerings significantly from two (2) at the inception of 1997 to a total of twenty(20) Higher National Diploma (HND) programmes and Thirteen (13) Bachelor of Technology (B-Tech) programmes.

The University is committed to rapid staff development to meet the needs of the growing student population which currently stands at 6,895 for the 2016/2024 Academic year. Through several collaborations, a significant number of staff members are pursuing further studies in Ghana and abroad.

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS AT Koforidua technical university

LIST OF COURSES AT Koforidua technical university

CUT-OF-POINTS FOR Koforidua technical university

The University has been executing a Strategic Plan which is intended to run from 2014 to 2024. The main thrusts of the Strategic Plan are:

Thrust 1:Consolidating existing programs and introducing new ones as a way attracting top class and highly motivated students to the Polytechnic
Thrust 2:Develop human resource capacities to improve efficiency and effectiveness
Thrust 3:Provision of quality infrastructure and leaning facilities to enhance teaching and learning
Thrust 4:Harness in ICT facilities for maximum effectiveness in all area in the Polytechnic Work
Thrust 5:Improve existing facilities to enhance academic work and research
Thrust 6:Explore avenues for internally generated income through provision of consultancy service and continuing education
Thrust 7:Improve Financial Resource mobilisation and management
Thrust 8:Governance and planning

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