Mahama, stop promising because we know you won’t fulfill them – A Plus

John Mahama, NDC flagbearer (L) and A Plus

Social Commentator, Kwame A Plus has asked former President John Dramani Mahama to desist from promising Ghanaians because the citizens are fed-up with promises from politicians.

The NDC flagbearer while outdooring his running mate at an event held at the University for Professional Studies in Accra on Monday, July 27 promised to pay all depositors whose monies are locked up as a result of the collapse of financial institutions by government.

But reacting to such a promise, Kwame A Plus who is known to put the government in check has asked Mahama to desist from promising Ghanaians anything because when he’s given the power, he will not fulfill any of them.

He indicated that it’s better to just tell the people just to vote for him rather than promising.

A Plus noted that a certain government promised to fight Corruption but is currently fighting people who are against corruption.

Kwame A Plus said “Lol. Boss stop!!! Stop!!! Just tell Ghanaians to vote for you. Don’t make any promises. Just say, Ghana must have a president so vote for me to become president. Those who like you will vote for you.

Were you not in this country when someone promised to fight corruption but is now fighting everyone who is fighting corruption? Were you not in this country when someone promised to use Anas’ strategy to fight corruption and used investigations by Manasseh as evidence that you were corrupt but is now fighting the same Manasseh? Me, I will never support you or NPP. I will never believe any of you. I will never vote for any of you. You are the same. If you become president you’ll do worse!!! It is a fact!!! Ghanaians don’t believe in NDC and NPP promises anymore oooo. You are making too many promises. Forget it!!!”