Manifest stresses need for unity amid partisan tensions

By | August 5, 2023

Rapper M.anifest is urging Ghanaians to look beyond the distraction of partisanship in Ghanaian politics.

“Partisanship is really a red herring from the idea of talking about development and the national agenda,” he opined on Citi TV‘s Face to Face programme.

Regardless of one’s affiliation to a political party, Ghana out to come first, he intimated.

“If you are Kotoko and I am Hearts, we are both Black Stars,” he explained using a football analogy.

His viewpoint comes amid an election season where tensions between the National Democratic Congress and the governing New Patriotic Party escalate as seen in the ongoing voter registration.

Ahead of the elections, M.anifest is more concerned about youth engagement with local politics.

“How are we going to be more engaged in local politics…which is very significant to people in their locality and are there going to be more young people getting into politics and governance?”

He noted his disappointment at not seeing enough of his peers running for office.

In his view, the youth has more of a stake in the governance of Ghana, citing the example of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 30-year-old American politician who grabbed headlines with her election to Congress in New York almost four years ago by defeating a veteran politician within her party.

“It is a bit disappointing because I think more young people need to be determining the future, not older people,” the rapper said.

M.anifest also downplayed concerns about the lack of experience of younger persons entering politics.

“Where do you get the experience from if you don’t do the work? If we look historically where change has mostly come from, it comes from younger people.”