‘Mozambique riot officers arrested for policeman’s murder’

An investigation into the murder has started

Two members of Mozambique’s riot police have been arrested for the murder of a police officer in the northern city of Nampula, according to the newspaper O Pais.

Selemane Momade Hassane was shot in the chest when he was outside his house on Tuesday, the paper adds.

It says that he was parking his car but the riot police allegedly intercepted him at his gate. It goes on to say that he brought out his wife and son to vouch that he lived there.

He was reportedly shot and went in the car with his son to the hospital but died before arriving.

An investigation into the murder has started, a spokesperson for the Nampula Provincial Police Command Dercio Samuel is quoted as saying in O Pais.

O Pais quotes a colleague as describing Mr Hassane’s death as “inexplicable”.