Nicole Thea: Boyfriend of the late pregnant YouTuber break silence with tattoo of her face

By | August 4, 2023
Late Nicole Thea with boyfriend

Global Boga, who is the boyfriend of the late pregnant YouTuber, Nicole Thea, has for the first spoken about the tragedy. Thea would have turned 25 yesterday and as such her family and friends came together to celebrate her. Global Boga was also at the ceremony where he revealed a new huge tattoo of his lover’s face at his back.

Breaking his silence over the sad news that hit social a few weeks ago, the Ghanaian UK based dancer posted his new tattoo and scenes from the posthumous birthday celebration, to pay tribute to his lover.

He wrote “Baby girl my Shawty my Queen. I have a lot to say, a lot on my mind & no one on this planet can understand what I am going through in my life. The pain can’t be explained. My rib my life my love my heart my heartbeat my everything my everyday life. Today is your 25th birthday & I’m filled with the most pain yet I’m glad I could at least make your day special”.

Speaking about his deep bond with his lover, Boga continues that “All the plans we had, all the plans I had. all the nights we laughed, all the vibes we had. Our connection the world couldn’t understand. what should I do? Maame Maame you dey ma back all the time. You loved me to bits from the first eye contact & I will keep loving you forever! 3y3 wonkoa na medo mewiase nyinaaa I will love you everyday all night all my life. Reign will protect you & make it reign continuously down here”.

Concluding his tribute, he added that “happy birthday my queen r2 my nico nico my go boga my okayyyyyy my saviour my hero my world I will make your name & legacy reign my entire life & beyond. Reign Thea R2”.