NSFAF Vocational Education and Training Financial Assistance Requirements

  • The following criteria are used to determine the awarding for Vocational Education and Training:

1 Local VET requirements

1.1 Applicants should be Namibian citizens.

1.2 Full-time/Part-time Applicants studying at accredited and recognized Vocational Training Centres (Institutions registered under Vocational Education and Training Act 1 of 2008).

1.3 All applications must be completed on the appropriate application forms and should be submitted before the deadline.

1.4 Beneficiaries should be graded and obtain a minimum of 20 points in six (6) subjects in grade 10.

1.5 Beneficiaries should have obtained admission at an approved Vocational Training Centre in Namibia.1.6 Beneficiaries should be studying high or medium priority fields of study as determined from time to time to qualify for funding

1.7 No students should be considered for NSFAF funding, if already benefited for the programme of the same level.2 SADC/International requirements

2.1 Sponsorships for Vocational Education outside Namibia will be loans.

2.2 Applicants should be Namibian citizens

2.3 Applicant may be considered for funding to study at Institutions in the Republic of South Africa only in higher and medium priority field of study if the programme/level is not offered in Namibia.

2.4 Study abroad in Vocational Training Program in other countries will only be considered through Institutions identified by NSFAF.3 Post-graduate financial assistance

The purpose of post graduate studies is to support Namibian citizens who wish to pursue further studies towards honours, Masters, and PhD programmes of studies mostly in areas of with critical human resource shortage. Financial assistance to postgraduate beneficiaries is provided in the form of loans except for medicine and education. As per NSFAF priority fields of study as determined from time to time.

3.1 Application process

Application process for postgraduate are the same as for undergraduates.

3.2 Requirements for Post-graduate financial assistance

Beneficiaries eligible for financial assistance for post graduate studies are required to meet NSFAF requirements. Post-graduate sponsorship is available to qualifying Namibian citizens who have prior undergraduate qualifications.