NSFAF Vocational Education and Training Financial Assistance

Vocational Education and Training financial assistance

As part of the Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund contribution to the national human resource development, the Fund deemed financial assistance to Vocational Education and Training as an important element to its mandate.

Potential beneficiaries apply for placement to Government owned Vocational Training Centres (VTCs) and other private Vocational Training Providers. Financial assistance to VET beneficiaries is provided in the form of loan or a grant depending on the field of study. For high priority field of study, is a loan and non-tuition is a grant; for medium priority fields of study, the financial assistance is 100%. NSFAF does not sponsor non priority fields of studies at vocational level.

Application Process

  • Applications for VET should be completed in the prescribed NSFAF form and submitted to NSFAF before the deadline.