The Namibia University of Science and Technology, a public university, has its roots in the establishment of the Academy for Tertiary Education (Act No. 13 of 1980). Classes in Teacher Training and Secretarial Courses started on 14 January 1980.


The Cashier
Administration Building
13 Storch Street

All payments by mail must be directed to:
The Bursar
Namibia University of Science and Technology
Private Bag 13388

Namibia University of Science and Technology bank details are as follows:
First National Bank
Branch: Ausspannplatz
Branch Number: 28 18 72
Account Number: 555 001 26319
Reference Number: Student #
Submit a copy of the deposit slip or fax to (061) 207-2952 or (061)207-2273 or e-mail to: for the attention of the Assistant Accountant: Revenue only if the payment is
not updated within 5 business days. Kindly ensure that the correct student number is clearly stated as
reference number.

OFFICE HOURS: Enquiries and Payments

1) For Enquiries
Mondays to Thursdays
08:00 – 13:00
14:00 – 16:00
No enquiries on Fridays
2) For Payments
Mondays to Fridays
08:00 – 13:00
14:00 – 16:00
Note: For opening times of Regional Centres, see the section on Centre for Open and Lifelong Learning (COLL)


(a) Cheques must be crossed and made out to Namibia University of Science and Technology.
(b) No personal cheques are accepted.
(c) Never send cash by post.
(d) Students will be de-registered immediately for dishonoured or unpaid (R/D) cheques and an amount
of N$1 120.00 will be charged to the account.
(e) Payment must be made only to the Cashier and not to any other staff member. An official receipt
should be obtained upon payment.
(f) No receipt will be issued for direct deposits. The bank’s stamp on the deposit slip serves as a proof
of payment.


1 Council reserves the right to amend, without prior notice, all fees payable to the Namibia University
of Science and Technology.
2 Tuition fees shall differ from course to course depending on course requirements.
3 Should Council temporarily or permanently suspend any student’s rights or privileges, or
permanently refuse admission to any student, the student concerned student shall forfeit all claims
to refunds, reduction or remission of fees paid or payable to the Namibia University of Science and
4 Fees are payable on a monthly basis, whether a student received an account or not. Failure to
adhere to stipulated due dates will result in de-registration, withheld of results, refusal of access to
meals, accommodation and examinations.


Tuition fees (denoted in the Namibian dollar, N$) are charged per course regardless of whether the
course is taken on full-time, part-time or distance education mode.

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F.4.1 The various fees are payable as follows:
Application Fee:                        Payable on application until 30 September 
Late Application Fee:               Payable on application after 31 October 
Registration Fee:                       Payable on registration date
Technology Fee:                         Payable on registration date
Assessment Fee:                         Payable on registration date
Late Registration Fee:               Payable on/or before registration date
Residence Breakage Deposit:   Payable on/or before admittance

Fixed Deposit Fee For All Students: N$4,000 for all disciplines

1. The amounts above are inclusive of Registration, Technology, Assessment and Student Activities fees.
2. If the total fee account is below the minimum amount specified above, then the whole fee account is
payable at Registration.
3. Students will pay the Registration, Technology and Assessment Fees only once per year on registration
for that year.
Balances on fee accounts are payable on the due dates.
Residence Fees Deposit at Registration On Due Dates
Per Semester N$4,000 (excluding the Hostel Breakage Fee) Balance


On registration, bursary holders must produce original written proof of bursaries awarded. Should
sponsorship be subsequently withdrawn, the student should pay the required fees.
NB: No withdrawal of the award will be accepted after 28 February for first semester and 31 July for second
Residence breakage fee of N$1 120.00 must be paid in cash or by direct deposit, as this does not form
part of the bursary unless otherwise stipulated.


Rebates to Personnel Members and their Dependants

Personnel members and their dependants in the permanent employ of NUST and UNAM shall pay a
registration fee only at date of registration. They may register at the beginning of the academic year
for any academic course, except for extra-curricular courses, as the latter courses must be selfsupporting.
No rebate will be allowed if the relevant person has a bursary and/or when subjects are
repeated. To qualify, students must submit an original letter from Human Resources Department
to the Student Debtors Officers ON REGISTRATION DATE. Rebates not applied for in this manner
will be forfeited.-

Rebate to Council Members

Officially appointed Council members and their dependants shall pay a registration fee only at date
of registration. They may register at the beginning of the academic year for any academic course,
except for extra-curricular courses, as the latter courses must be self-supporting. No rebate will be
allowed if the relevant person has a bursary and/or when subjects are repeated.

Rebate to Members of Housing Committee

A rebate equal to 50 % of residence fees will be granted to the Housing Committee Chairperson and
40 % of residence fees to Housing Committee members for the period served in that capacity. Rebates
will only be refunded if all accounts are settled in full.

Rebate to Students Representative Council

A rebate of 70 % to SRC President and 60 % to SRC members will be granted on the following
(a) The rebate will be calculated for the period served as SRC member or chairperson.
(b) Rebates will be calculated on tuition fees only, excluding residence fees or any other charges.
(c) Rebates will be refunded at the end of each semester.
(d) Rebates will only be refunded, if the fee account is settled in full.


Discount of 20% for students from the same family (excluding the first student) based on the
following conditions:
(a) Students are self-funding, i.e. they do not get a bursary or scholarship.
(b) Students must apply for the discount in writing to the Bursar.
(c) Applicants must produce a full birth certificate to prove that at least one parent is the same or a
documentary proof that they are legally adopted.
(d) No discount will be considered for courses being repeated.
(e) Students must be studying concurrently; i.e. at the same time.
(f) Part-time and/or married students do not qualify for the rebates.

Discount for Full Payment
A 10 % discount on tuition fees will be granted if all fees are paid full. The following conditions apply:
(a) On or before 28/9 February each year for year and first semester accounts.
(b) On or before 31 July each year for second semester accounts.
(c) Discount is calculated on tuition fees only, provided that all other fees e.g. hostel/meals are also
paid in full.
(c) Students who are de-registered for whatever reason will forfeit the discount and will then be
liable for the full account.
(d) Students who cancel their courses or subjects will not be entitled to a refund of the discount
after the discount has been allowed.

Discount for Excellent Academic Performance
All students who obtain at least 85 % in the final mark of a course shall receive a discount on tuition
fees for that course as follows:
5 % for a first year course;
10 % for a second year course;
15 % for a third, fourth or fifth year course.
NOTE: No discount shall be given for excellent academic performance in courses that the student repeats.

A 15 % annual interest will be charged on all residence and tuition accounts once the student is no
longer registered, this may be administered by a 3rd party (debt collectors) on behalf of NUST.

1 Refund upon Discontinuation of Studies
1.1 Year/Semester
Written applications for refunds of class fees should be submitted to the Student Debtors Officers.
1.2 Year Courses
(a) Cancellation of course(s) on or before 03 March – 100 % credit
(b) Cancellation of course(s) on or before 30 June – 50 % credit
(c) Cancellation of course(s) on or after 01 July – no credit
1.3 First Semester Courses
(a) Cancellation of course(s) on or before 03 March – 100 %
(b) Cancellation of course(s) on or before 07 April – 50 % credit
(c) Cancellation of course(s) on or after 08 April – no credit
1.4 Second Semester Courses
(a) Cancellation of course(s) on or before 04 August – 100 % credit
(b) Cancellation of course(s) on or before 08 September – 50 % credit
(c) Cancellation of course(s) on or after 09 September – no credit

1.6 Students who fail to cancel courses and residence in writing remain responsible for the full fees for
the particular academic year.

1.7 Extra-Curricular Courses
No refund unless courses are cancelled by the Institution

1.8 Refunds – General
Students who wish to request 100 % refund due to cancellation as a result of factors beyond their
control may appeal to the Registrar in this regard. Such appeal must be submitted to the relevant
Faculty Officer. No refunds can be guaranteed and REGISTRATION FEE IS NON-REFUNDABLE.
Claims for refunds will be processed weekly. An official claim form should be completed and handed
in at the Enquiry Counter, Ground Floor, Administration Building.
1.9 Credit balances will be forfeited if it is not claimed within six years.

Non-Formal courses are offered on an extra-curricular basis and are subject to a minimum of 10
registered students per course. These courses are run on a self-financing basis.
Fees for Foreign & National Languages (Total Hours 75) – N$3,020
(Inclusive of Registration Fee)

Please note that the NUST does not offer any financial assistance in the form of loans and/or bursaries.
For additional information contact the Student Financial Aid Officer at telephone number (061) 207-
2742 / 2734.

The Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) reserves the right to revise the school fees scheduled for the various courses offered by students. Hence, for the current fees structure, click here