Our current management is way better than George Britton – Keche

Music group, Keche

The “Sokode” hitmaker group, Keche has opened up about their relationship with their former manager, George Britton.

In an interview with the musical duo on the ‘Entertainment City’ show hosted by Nana Adwoa Annan on Atinka TV, Keche Andrew and Keche Joshua confessed that their current management is way better than their ex-manager, George Britton.

Keche revealed to Nana Adwoa Annan that they were broke while working with their ex-manager, but things are different with their new management. Adding that it was not to say that he did not do anything at all; only that he could not push them as far as they have always dreamt to go in their music career.

Keche Joshua said to Nana Adwoa, “He did what he could do; even in building a house, it starts somewhere and then a painter comes in to paint for the building to stand out… and GEM Media is here to make Keche stand out”.

According to the ‘Sokode’ hitmakers, they could not be more honest about the fact that the new management is better than their ex-manager, George Britton.

Keche signed for Joana Gyan’s record label in April 2024, in a deal which is reported to have seen the duo bag $500,000, one Hyundai Elantra each, and a three-bedroom house. Seven months after, Andrew has got a wife in his boss