Oyedepo backs Stella Immanuel, says coronavirus has a cure

Bishop Oyedepo and Stella Immanuel

Bishop Oyedepo of Living Faith Church has backed Doctor Stella Immanuel and her claim that coronavirus has a cure.

Immanuel appeared in a viral video alongside some doctors in which she claimed to have cured over 350 coronavirus patients with hydroxychloroquine without losing any to death.

The video was immediately pulled down from almost every social media platform and labelled as misinformation.

Speaking during the Covenant Hour of Prayer programme of his church, Oyedepo stated that opinions which are contrary to what is held by those behind the pandemic are getting shut down.

“I watched something yesterday on the Frontline Doctors in the US. It’s a noise from hell and there is nothing hidden that is not known by God. Nothing!

“Every positive report contrary to that demonic propaganda is doused, it is not allowed to have expression because of the evil machinations of the perpetrators.

“Now, they will know that God’s greatest interest on the earth are the souls of men and everyone that is out to destroy them, my God will destroy them,” he said.

The clergyman revealed that the church has been curing coronavirus patients and that social media has been censoring their claim.

“it’s like fever. There is nothing there, it’s like fever! Evil intentions, evil scheming. What is coronavirus?

“We have found a cure” – they say it is not relevant. They got it off YouTube, got it off all the various platforms just to keep their propaganda going. But I can tell you this, God is in the midst of His people.

“Everyone that is after the souls of men to destroy them, they shall all be destroyed in the name of Jesus Christ. Whatever they have as intention is falling on their heads, on their families, their generations in the name of Jesus! If somebody comes out and say we have treated 350 people with this drug and none died, they say, “No, that’s not necessary.”

“So, what’s necessary? To kill them is necessary or to force your demonic vaccines on human race? Who knows what you have inside it? To turn human beings to properties for wealth sake, for political reasons?

“The same way Pharaoh perished because he won’t let people go, these evil men will disappear into shame and ignominy, wherever they may be and whatever forces are behind them. It’s mere noise. The Bible calls it noisome pestilence. It just came with noise, zero. Ebola came, we didn’t shut down.

“Zero. It didn’t make the first 20 of the worst viruses that visited the earth, so what’s the noise about? Well, the world will discover that they have been deceived,” he added.

Oyedepo stated that the world will soon realize that they have been deceived with the coronavirus pandemic.

“I refuse to be deceived. I refuse forever! Jesus is the resurrection and the life, what is coronavirus that everybody is making nonsense? Noise-making all kinds of demonic money. The good news is, Christ is still strong in the midst of His people. Our rescue is here! Those who won’t let others live, they will not live. Those who want to instil fear for their selfish reasons, my God will deal with them,” he said.