Pentecost University College, Sowutuom, Accra


The vision of the Pentecost University College is to empower students to serve their own generation and posterity with integrity and the fear of God.


The University’s mission is to be on the cutting-edge of the dissemination of knowledge, quality education, research and training for the purpose of producing an excellent human resource base to meet the demands of Africa’s development.





Three main emblems constitute the Pentecost University College Coat of Arms—a dove, a Bible and an Adinkra symbol.

The Bible represents the biblical principles upon which the University College was founded, and the dove is an emblem that symbolises the enabling power of the Holy Spirit.

The Adinkra symbol, Ohemaa Nkyinkyin, is an Akan motif that, among others, represents a person who is very skilful and versatile. In our context, the motif signifies the life of an individual, who has been empowered by the power of the Holy Spirit and has attained academic knowledge for excellent service.

The red colour symbolises Pentecost and the gold colour represents the golden jubilee year of the Church of Pentecost (CoP) – 2003, the year in which the Pentecost University College was registered.

The University College Anthem

Verse 1
God Almighty our guide
Integrity our pride
The centre of creativity
The home of Ingenuity
And the epitome of dexterity
Pentecost University

Empowered to serve
Generations and posterity
Empowered to serve
With integrity sincerity
Service to humanity is service to Almighty
Pentecost University

Verse 2
Christ the rock on which we stand
Our hope our faith our strength
With honesty, our mission is secure
With diligence, excellence assured
We shall serve our nation
With our hearts and minds
Pentecost University

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