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    Premier Nurses’ Training College Entry Requirements 2021/2022

    By | May 18, 2021

    The college has administrative qualified staff in charge of admissions. With the help of Nurses and Midwives’ Council of Ghana and Human Resource for Health Development-Ministry of Health, each application is assessed individually and judged on merit

    What makes Premier Nurses’ Training College of Nursing an educational experience like no other?

    Our long tradition of academic excellence
    Our internationally – recognized faculty
    Access to top health centres
    Being part of one of the largest private Nursing College in Ghana
    Kumasi – one of the most exciting cities in Ghana
    Our long tradition of academic excellence

    When you enrol at the Premier Nurses’ Training College, you become part of a dynamic environment where preparing tomorrow’s nurse leaders is our top priority. While at the Premier Nurses’ Training College, you will develop the expertise and skills key to your success as a member of the ever-evolving and exciting nursing profession.

    Use the links on the left to find the information you need to begin the admissions process. If you have any questions or concerns after reading the information provided, our dedicated Premier Nurses’ Training College admissions team can help guide you through the process, so do not hesitate to contact us at 233-289-51-2837 or by email to pntcoll@yahoo.com

    Application Process

    Complete Application Form
    Application form with necessary documents received by the Admissions office.
    Application Assessed.
    Interview and Decision Made
    Offer Letter was given
    Enrolled on Programme

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    Conditions of Admission into Premier Nurses’ Training College


    Tuition fees must be paid in full before the start of the course.
    Fees once paid are not refundable.
    All changes in address must be immediately notified in writing to the Principal.
    PNTC reserves the right to inform a student’s sponsor(s) of the academic or attendance performance of the-Advertisements-

    The tuition fees do not include examination fees or registration fees.

    There is however, no examination fees for internally organised examination by PNTC as these will be part of the continuous assessment.
    Student who arrives late for the course must nevertheless pay full fees for the course.
    Course manual is available on request at the administration. Discipline manual is given to each student course.
    In the event of closure of the college through an Act of God, War or Political or Industrial unrest that may cause

    the termination of class schedules, PNTC will ensure that students be provided with n extra Tuition considered

    necessary to prepare them for Examination as soon as possible.

    PNTC will not accept responsibly for any money or mail sent to student who us PNTC as an Accommodation

    address for mail that they may receive.
    False information on the application form may render student liable to expulsion.
    While PNTC ensures that course information materials provided is correct, PNTC will not be liable for any

    changes in the course, syllabus regulations or exemptions made by any examination body.
    PNTC reserves the right to terminate (without refund) its provision of tuition to students who are continuously

    absent without satisfactory reason.
    While student’s file is generally treated as confidential, PNTC will not be liable for any information

    internationally or unintentionally provided to or obtained by any third party.

    More information About Premier Nurses’ Training College

    As part of a world-class Health Science Center and network of health care delivery systems, the Premier Nurses’ Training College of Nursing offers students access to a unique variety of educational and clinical experiences as well as a wealth of expert nursing faculty and technological resources. Nursing students at Premier Nurses’ Training College have excellent and challenging opportunities to explore nursing research and science, be professionally involved with student governance and professional leadership, and have access to clinical experiences with patients from different ages and cultural backgrounds. Students who graduates from college would be absorbed by the Ministry of Health after passing the Licensure Examination organised by the Nurses and Midwives’ Council of Ghana.


    The sick bay of the institution is located at the Premier Clinic. The clinic and the college are about forty meters apart. It is opened from Monday to Friday and also on weekends, day and night. There is a medical doctor in charge of the clinic. However, two (2) nurses are in charge in the absence of the doctor. These nurses run day and night shift. The services they offer to all student are confidential.

    Transportation & Student Accomodation

    The college has three Ford mini buses for use for student and staff. These goes a long way to ease the transportation problem for both students and staff during clinical practice at the various hospitals in Kumasi metropolis and also during field trips. The college is managing private properties for student, to save them the hustle and uncertainty of dealing directly with landlords. All are regularly inspected to ensure quality and safety and cleared by people employed by the college.

    Computer Laboratory & Lecture Halls

    The computer laboratory is equipped with 30 computers. They form part of the donations made to the college by Howard Community College in Maryland, U.S. Premier is now leading the way in the integration of high technology communities into nursing training. The College ensures that students stay up-to-date with latest Technology in their studies. There is one storey (6) unit classroom block available for the programme and is solely for lectures on nursing.

    Employment Prospects of Graduates-Advertisements-

    Graduates, after successful completion of the programme are eligible to sit the licensing examination organised by the nurses and midwives’ council of Ghana. Upon passing this exam, there are employed by various government (ministry of health and Ghana health service organisations), private and mission health facilities. Tracer studies show that past graduates are currently employed at various levels of the health sector both in Ghana and abroad. Several are also pursuing higher education

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