Stakeholders oppose reopening of schools in Ghana amid COVID-19

Two major stakeholder organizations in Ghana on Tuesday expressed their opposition to the intention by the Ghanaian government to reopen schools amid the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Schools Closed

The Parent-Teacher Associations and School Management Committees said in a statement that the lives of teachers, students, and other school workers would be at risk due to the difficulty in maintaining social distance at schools.

The stakeholders, therefore, proposed the Ghana Education Service (GES) that any future decision to reopen schools must be based on science with published convincing data in support and consensus by parents and other stakeholders.

“Amid an increasing community spread, and the water, sanitation, and hygiene logistical constraints in schools, the GES should not advise the government to reopen schools now,” the statement said.

This position is also supported by teacher unions in public schools while strongly opposed by private schools whose incomes and livelihoods depend solely on fees from their students. Enditem