Tamale Technical University courses

By | September 9, 2023

Below are the list of courses offered in Tamale Polytechnic
School of Applied Sciences
Computer Science department

HND in Information and Communication Technology Full Time
HND in Information and Communication Technology Evening session
ABMA Computing and Information Systems
Diploma in Business Studies, Information Technology Option
Other activities
The department also provides teaching of various ICT related courses embedded in other Programmes run in the Polytechnic. These include Computer Literacy, Computer Applications, Management Information Systems, Microcomputer technology etc..
Fashion, design and Modelling
Programames Offered:

HND Fashion, Design and Modeling
Advance Certificate in Fashion & Design.
Equipment in the department:
Embroidery Machine, Industrial Sewing Machines, Hair Dryers etc.

Languages and Liberal Studies

1) HND Tourism
2) HND Mass and Media Communication programme
Future Plans:
To mount new programmes among which are:
Certificate courses in English and French
Consultancy services to the business community
Statistics, Mathematics and Science
School of Business
Accountancy Department
Marketing Department
Secretaryship and Management
School of Engineering
Agricultural Department
Building Technology Department
Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department
Industrial Arts Department
Mechanical Engineering Department
Above are the list of courses offered in Tamale Polytechnic
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The University runs specialised degree programmes that are aimed at providing technological solutions to industry and societal challenges. All degree programmes are co-ordinated by the Office of the Dean of Degree Programmes. The office is manned by a finance expert, Dr. Mahama Muntari. Some degree programmes are currently being fashioned and will be mounted in the University soon.

Programmes in the offing include:

Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical EngineeringBachelor of Technology- Building TechnologyBachelor of Technology-Hospitality and Tourism ManagementBachelor of Technology-Information Technology.

At Tamale Technical University, ABMA programs are available in the level 4 Diploma, level 5 Diploma and level 6 Diploma in the following areas:

  • Computing and information systems
  • HIV/AIDS Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Business Management

The university offers a wide range of professional Diploma programs. All programs are run on part-time (weekend session) over four semesters (two-years). Students who pass all courses with a CGPA of at least 1.5 at the end of the second year qualify to be awarded a Diploma. Those who obtain a minimum Grade Point average of 2.0 will have the option to progress to the third year to do one more year for the professional Diploma.

  • Professional Diploma in Catering and Entrepreneurship
  • Professional Diploma in Catering and Hospitality Management
  • Professional Diploma in Tourism Management
  • Professional Diploma in Automotive Engineering
  • Professional Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  • Professional Diploma in Electronics Engineering
  • Professional Diploma in Civil Engineering
  • Professional Diploma in Welding and Fabrication Technology
  • Professional Diploma in Sustainable Agriculture