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By | June 4, 2021


The Epicentre is a non-profit, non-governmental organization launched in 2013 to provide “only the best education and therapy” to children with developmental disabilities around Greater Accra, Ghana. ENROLL NOW


The mission of The Epicentre is to raise the quality of special education and therapies for children and young adults with developmental disabilities in the Ga South District of Ghana by combining the best in high-quality, individualized education with community-based rehabilitation services. We also seek to reduce the stigmatization surrounding disability in our community through educational and recreational projects that benefit young adults and families in our community of all ages and abilities.

The vision of The Epicentre is to provide high-quality special education and therapies to all children living in the Greater Accra region of Ghana regardless of their family’s income-level. Our current facility in New Gbawe can hold up to forty students at full capacity, which we seek to fill by the end of 2016. After this, our hope is to expand to other locations around Greater Accra, reaching more children.


The Epicentre offers specialized services to our community including special education for children with developmental disabilities (ages 5-25), an inclusiveearly learning program for children with and without disabilities (ages 2-5), and a physical therapy unit for people of all ages and abilities.


Our special education program is for students with developmental, intellectual, and learning disabilities, who will benefit from an individualized educational plan, small class-sizes, and a friendly home environment to learn and have fun.

Students in our special education program are assessed at the start of each year and receive individualized plan designed to maximize their own unique strengths and abilities inside and outside of the classroom. A typical day involves a morning assembly, a first lesson in the classroom, outdoor physical activity, lunch, a second lesson in the classroom with hands-on projects, and music room and IT time.

Special education program features:

  • Full-time physiotherapist and therapy unit on-site for students
  • Periodic occupational and speech therapy from occupational therapy partners at Korle Bu Training Hospital
  • Extra care available for students who require a personal care attendant
  • Music room, IT space, and playground all used by students
  • Students pack their own lunch or pay the center to supply lunch
  • Overnight respite care with nurse available on weeknights for students who cannot or would prefer not to transport to and from the center every day

View the cost per term. To contact us with any questions or enroll now, email us at or call us at 0246058329 or 0205803621. 


Our inclusive early learning program welcomes children with and without special needs. We believe that young children learn best in an inclusive environment where students with all abilities are playing and learning alongside each another.

Early learning program features:

  • A convenient option for siblings of students in our special education program
  • Inclusive environment exposes students with and without disabilities to inclusion
  • Outdoor play area, music room, and IT space for children
  • Physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy services from special education program available as needed among students

View the cost per term. To contact us with any questions or enroll now, email us at or call us at 0246058329 or 0205803621. 


Many of our students with special needs require physical therapy to keep their bodies healthy and comfortable. Our physical therapy unit provides pediatric physical therapy to our students and provides physical therapy to adults and children in the community, who require any form of rehabilitation.

Physical therapy unit features:

  • Full-time physiotherapist trained at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital and member of the Ghana Association of Physiotherapists
  • Private physical therapy room for client assessment and exercises and large indoor and outdoor spaces for performing exercises
  • Improvements usually witnessed by clients after weeks of recurring sessions (physical therapy requires a consistent, long-term commitment)

View the cost per session. To contact us with any questions or enroll now, email us at or call us at 0246058329 or 0205803621. 


  • Leticia Gomado – Special Educator
  • Evelyn Mensah –  Special Educator & Respite Nurse
  • Henrietta Baddoo –  Physiotherapist
  • Linda Yeboah – Administrator
  • Emelia Bonsu  – Classroom Assistant
  • Faustina Okine – Classroom Assistant
  • Michael Biney – School Caretaker
  • Leticia Ankomah –  School Cleaner


In addition to our work providing education and therapies to children with developmental disabilities, The Epicentre also operates a number of other projects for our community to increase awareness about disability and inclusion locally.


The Epicentre Writing & Business Program (EWBP) is an elite creative writing and business entrepreneurship program, targeting young Ghanaians especially junior high, senior high and university students that is organized by The Epicentre. The program seeks to improve creativity and critical thinking, provide practical communication skills useful in the workplace, and to increase knowledge about disability rights and inclusion. Fees generated through the program are used to support the operation of The Epicentre. Past  instructors include prominent local writers and speakers such as playwright Kobina Ansah and author Gamel Sankarl.

EWBP courses and workshops are held periodically throughout the year. View our calendar for upcoming programs being held at The Epicentre or partner institutions. If interested, please email us at, or call us at 0246058329  for program details and registration.


The Include-Play-Learn project is an on-going expansion project for The Epicentre facility in New Gbawe. So far, the project has included the construction of a play area and sports court and the establishment of a community physical therapy unit. The purpose of the project is to increase community engagement with the center by providing services and opportunities to students without disabilities – to encourage inclusive play and shared spaces. Programs using these expanded facilities also assist the center generate revenue to operate sustainably.


The Epicentre holds occasional weekend respite camps for our students and children with disabilities throughout our community to come to the center for a weekend for a program of play, drama, swimming, and other fun while parents take the weekend to rest. Our first respite camp has held in August 2014.


We opened our doors to students in September 2013.

Here is our story as told by Executive Director:

“We faced a question that many parents in our situation in Ghana do. Are there any schools that would cater positively for her particular special needs? After trying out a couple of schools with mixed results, we thought: why not do something ourselves for ourselves and, more importantly, for her? What started as a little humble abode of a second home for the family became our solution, and here we are today. In a short time, The Epicentre has begun to impact lives and the local community positively. Bad roads and long journeys have not dampened our resolve. Great things sometimes do start small!”


Email us at or call us at 0246058329. To locate our center, use the maps and directions below. Also below, subscribe to our email bulletin and view our calendar of upcoming events. And of course, be sure to like The Epicentre Ghana on Facebook!

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