University of Namibia Postgraduate Admission Requirements


Master’s Degrees

  1. Prospective candidates must be in possession of a good Level 8 Bachelor’s degree with at least a C-grade average (i.e., 60-69% average), or a good Postgraduate Diploma from a recognized Institution
  2. Candidates without a Bachelor’s degree or a Postgraduate Diploma from UNAM, but who hold qualifications from an approved institution of higher learning, deemed to be equivalent to a good Level 8 Bachelor’s degree or a good Level 8 Postgraduate Diploma from UNAM may also be considered for admission
  3. Prospective candidates must also satisfy specific requirements of the Faculties where they intend to enroll (e.g. teaching experience for M.Ed. admission.)

Postgraduate Diplomas

  1. Prospective candidates must be in possession of a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution
  2. Candidates who do not comply with (1) above, but whose field experience and work accomplishments have been certified by the relevant Faculty/Department/Institute to be equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree, may, under special circumstances, also be considered for admission

Doctor of Philosophy Degrees and other Doctoral Programmes

  1. Candidates for admission to doctoral programmes of UNAM must be in possession of a Master’s degree or equivalent from a recognized institution of higher learning in the chosen field of study
  2. Candidates with only the Bachelor’s degree may initially be enrolled for a Master’s degree by research only. If, during the first year of research they demonstrate exceptional abilities, they may be considered for upgrading into the Doctoral Programme

Higher Doctorates

  1. To qualify for a Higher Doctorate candidacy of UNAM, the scholars should be:
    1. graduates from the University of Namibia with the following minimum qualifications:
      • Bachelor’s degree of at least 15 years standing; or
      • Master’s degree of at least 10 years standing; or
      • Doctoral degree of at least 8 years standing; or
    2. graduates from any other recognized institution of higher learning, who have served at UNAM for at least five years in teaching, research or other approved academic roles, and who satisfy the criteria equivalent to those set under (1) (a) above
  2. Only outstanding scholars whose contributions have attained national and international recognition will be considered for Higher Doctorate awards.