Windhoek Vocational Training Centre 2024/2025 Fees Structure

Windhoek Vocational Training Centre (WVTC)

WVTC fees for 2024

1. FULL-TIME COURSES (Artisan Training and level 1 to level 3 CBET courses)

Training Fees (in Namibian Dollars, N$)

  • Non-Refundable Registration fee for level 1 all trades: N$ 3.000,-

Total workshop fees for level 1

Joinery and Cabinetmaking11.950,-
Plumbing and Pipe Fitting11.950,-
Fitter and Turner11.950,-
Turner Machinist11.950,-
Welder Fabricator12.120,-
Electrical General11.950,-
Airconditioning and Refrigeration11.950,-
International Computer Driver’s License6.000,-
Advanced IC Technology12.950,-
General Education per annum4.200,-
Practicals only L18.620,-
  • Non-refundable registration for level 2 & 3: N$ 2.000,-
LEVEL 2  Technical trades9.180,-
Practial only L27.350,-
LEVEL 2  OA11.580,-
LEVEL 3 OA9.760,-
LEVEL 3  Technical trades8.865,-
Practical only7.350,-
Assessment feeincluded
  • Accommodation: N$ 600.- per month (N$ 150- per week)
  • Meals: N$ 6000.- per 10 months


  • 1st year fees include tools, one set of safety gear, Training manuals, Prescribed Books, Security deposit, Training fee and Personal Insurance
  • Stationary  must be provided by the trainees themselves
  • 2nd and 3rd year fees include, one set of safety gear, Training Manuals, Prescribed Books training fee and Personal Insurance, NOSA Safety course, 3rd year fees also include the IMLT Business Simulation Course
  • Security deposits are refundable but only after completion of training. (after 3 years of training) Accommodation are payable on a monthly basis in advance.
  • N.B.! “Accommodation” includes occupation of residences for the period of training at the W.V.T.C. Trainees may also prepare their own meals in their bungalows at own cost.

Also note that these fees are subject to review on an annual basis.

These rates are still subsidised by the Namibia National Training Organisation (Pty) Ltd.


Basic Arc Welding3 weeks (30 hrs)3.000.-
Basic Gas elding3 weeks (30 hrs)3.000.-
Joinery & Cabinetmaking3 weeks (30 hrs)3.000.-
Basic Preventive Car Maintenance3 weeks (30 hrs)3.000.-
Basic Bricklaying3 weeks (30 hrs)3.000.-
Basic Electrical General3 weeks (30 hrs)3.000.-
Basic Electronics Servicing3 weeks (30 hrs)3.000.-
Basic Electronics communication3 weeks (30 hrs)3.000.-
Basic Fitting and Turning3 weeks (30 hrs)3.000.-
Basic Plumbing and Pipefitting3 weeks (30 hrs)3.000.-
Basic Maintenance skills4 weeks (40hrs)4.000.-
Basic Autocad3 weeks (30 hrs)3.000.-
Basic Airconditioning and Refrigeration3 weeks (30 hrs)3.000.-
Basic Boilermaking3 weeks (30 hrs)3.000.-
Advanced courses in abovementioned trades6 weeks (60 hrs)6.000.-

WVTC does not rent out any of it’s equipment. All equipment are for training purposes onsite.

Download the complete WVTC fee structure as PDF file here.