Woman Striked by killing her two children with rat poison

By | July 31, 2023
The woman has confessed to killing her children

A young woman in Tema New Town was nearly lynched on Thursday evening by her neighbours for poisoning her two children to death.

The yet-to-be-identified woman, according to a neighbour, Eric, said on many occasions that she will poison her two children aged 3 years and one-and-half years.

But Eric told Adom FM that those threats were considered to be a joke.

Multiple news reports on the bizarre incident indicate that the woman confessed to killing her children with rat poison she bought from the market.

“According to the woman, she murdered the children because her husband does not give her any money [to feed the children].

“The children, a boy and a girl were seen wearing diapers and lying still in their mother’s room,” Angel FM reported.

The reports also indicate that the neighbourhood where the sad incident occurred was thrown into a frenzy after the lifeless bodies of the children were discovered by a neighbour who had been wondering about their whereabouts the whole of Thursday.

Neighbours who were drawn to the scene of the incident started attacking her verbally and physically, but police arrived on time to stop the assault.