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TPIN is a unique ten-digit computer-generated number allocated to a taxpayer upon registration with the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA). It is a prerequisite for any transaction with ZRA concerning taxes be it Domestic Taxes or Customs Services. All bank account holders are also required to obtain a TPIN.

The process of TPIN registration has now been made easier because of the online registration platform available; hence one can register from the comfort of their premises. Taxpayers who have challenges with online registration can still register manually by completing a ZRA prescribed registration form. The manual form can be obtained from any of the front offices at ZRA offices or it can be downloaded from the ZRA website



Limited company registered under the Companies Act:

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Certificate of share capital
  • Articles of Association

Foreign company registered under the Companies Act:

  • Certificate of registration copy

Partnership Firm registered under the Business Names Act:

  • Certificate of Registration
  • Statement of Particulars-approved by the Registrar
  • Completed form TPIN 2

Individuals (without registration under any Act):

  • National Registration Card (NRC) copy

Firms registered under the Co-operative Societies Act:

  • Certificate of Registration copy

NGO, Club, Association, Ministry body, etc:

  • Certificate of Registration or Certificate of Exemption from Registrar of societies copy

GRZ Ministries / institutions, foreign Government and agency:

  • Documentary evidence to show legal existence in Zambia

Documents to Use

Download Application in PDF Form (Click ‘Registration Forms’)